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Rockwool. FGF can supply Rockwool products. Cavity Wall Batts, High Performance Partial Fill Cavity Slab, Rockclose, Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flexible Slabs, Timber Frame Products, TCB Cavity Barrier, Acoustic Floor System, Rollbatts, Insulation for Cladding, Conlit 100 Boards, Rockwool Fire Barrier, Conlit 150 Series

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FGF can supply Rockwool products

FGF Supplies Rockwool products

Volcanic diabase rock, the basic raw material for Rockwool products, is quarried from abundant natural deposits over 200 million years old. The rocks are crushed, mixed with coke and limestone, melted at 1500C, and then spun into, literally, 'wool from a rock'. Resin binder and mineral oil are added to lock the strands together and to make them water resistant.

Rockwool acts as a thermal insulant, an acoustic control material, and a fire protection insulation for steel and other structures, it can be supplied as dense hard wearing products for roofing, and can be faced with steel sheet wire mesh, aluminium foil, paper, scrim, tissue and similar materials. And since it's made of 98% stone, and no CFCs or HCFCs are used in its manufacture, it's environmentally sound. Rockwool is chemically inert, easy to handle and install, and easily cut to shape with a sharp knife.

A full technical advice service is available to assist the appropriate selection of products.

  • Cavity Wall Batts
  • High Performance Partial Fill Cavity Slab
  • Rockclose
  • Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flexible Slabs
  • Timber Frame Products
  • TCB Cavity Barrier
  • Acoustic Floor System
  • Rollbatts
  • Insulation for Cladding
  • Conlit 100 Boards
  • Rockwool Fire Barrier
  • Conlit 150 Series

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