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Eternit. FGF can supply Eternit products. Glasal, Reynobond, Agrestone, Lamina External, Weatherboard, Pelicolor, Natura, Multiclad

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FGF can supply Eternit products

FGF Supplies Eternit products
Eternit are at the forefront of the design, development and supply of lightweight cladding solutions using fibre cement, high pressure laminate, aluminium composite material and aggregate faced panels.
Available via the FGF Group nationwide Eternit cladding materials and systems offer reliability, fire safety and an almost unlimited range of design possibilities.

Cladding Solutions Range :
  • Glasal
  • Reynobond
  • Agrestone
  • Lamina External
  • Weatherboard
  • Pelicolor
  • Natura
  • Multiclad
  • All Eternit cladding products are offered with a package of benefits for the specifier and contractor alike, from CAD facilities and system design, to on site assistance.
    Each Eternit system is fully tested and proven. Each system carries performance guarantees and warranties are available on request.

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