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Promat. FGF can supply Promat products. Monalite, Duraflex, Monolux 500 and 800, Duratec, Newtherm 1000, Dalfratex

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FGF can supply Promat products

FGF Supplies Promat products
Promat as an integral part of the International Etex Group of Companies (formerly the Eternit Group) is one of the leading manufacturers of passive fire protection products in Europe and the world, offering an extensive range of boards, penetration seals and glazing designed to meet the most stringent requirements of today’s projects, large or small.
  • Monalite
  • Duraflex
  • Monolux 500 and 800
  • Duratec
  • Newtherm 1000
  • Dalfratex

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