In-house CNC Machining






We have a number of CNC machines in operation at our depots. Our highly skilled technical team uses the latest technologies to provide CNC services to our customers, whether it be one off prototypes or repeat batch production runs using primary vacuum holding and assembly jigs. 

We can machine a variety of profiles using a wide range of materials including, hardwoods, MDF, plastics, Perspex, polycarbonate, calcium silicate boards such as Promat SUPALUX and MASTERBOARD, Pyroc and solid grade laminates including laboratory worktops.  

Most of the material we use has a density that allows fine detailing to be produced without compromising its strength, coupled with an ability to maintain a smooth machined edge finish.

Our team are able to machine from site details, templates or CAD drawings, with in-house facilities to produce AutoCAD drawings or convert existing CAD drawings to CAD/CAM format for improving machine processing times. In addition, we use the most advanced equipment for dust extraction and computerised cutting.

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