Rockpanel® Colours

Rockpanel Colours (previously known as Rockclad), offers 144 different colours to choose from, as well as special RAL colours if requested. 

The surface of Rockpanel Colours is treated with a four-layer water-borne polymer emulsion paint on one side, in a wide range of colours. 

The Rockpanel ProtectPlus boards are provided with an extra anti-graffiti clear coat as a fifth layer on top of the coloured paint. The ProtectPlus boards are optionally available.

The cladding boards are suitable for use as exterior cladding, applications along the roofline and for building detailing.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Vast colour options.
  • Colourfast boards.
  • Durable option - use for regular facade or roofline applications.
  • Xtreme option - where a greater degree of impact resistance is required, usually towards ground level.
  • FS-Xtra option - 9mm thickness for use in facade applications where greatest degree of fire safety is required.